Client Comments

As someone once fearful of counseling because of the unknown of what might be discovered “wrong” with me, I have to say my experience and my husband’s experience with Dr. Frye has been nothing but positive. Dr. Frye is compassionate, insightful, articulate, and professional. He masterfully helped us see the our brokenness without judgement or shame and guided us in the restoration of our relationship. The work has been worth it! I would highly recommend Dr. Frye!
— Mary W.
Dr. Frye has given excellent insight into my issues, how my past has influenced them and how to move forward. He genuinely cares and allows me to feel what I’m feeling without judgement. I have recommended him to several people and will continue to do so.
— Mike C.
Dr. Frye has worked with us to take our broken relationship and re-define how it looks, feels and works. He is compassionate, insightful, straight forward and extremely knowledgeable about how to be “relational”. We would highly recommend him!
— William S
Dr. Frye is a fantastic counselor. His compassion and professionalism are top notch. He deals directly, yet compassionately with the toughest issues. After years of living in relational chaos my spouse and I are learning to connect and relate to one each in positive ways. We are both convinced our family has been saved because of our work with Dr. Frye.
— Amy R